How to Feel Happier

By Dr. Richard WisemanReadOasis Step 2 Note: This text is a short talk given by Richard Wiseman. Creative Commons photo [...]

Improve Your Word Power

ReadOasis Step 1 So you want to improve your word power. But what words should you learn first? You can [...]

Happy Memories

By Dr. Richard WisemanReadOasis Step 2 This exercise is all about re-living happy memories. Research shows that reflecting on what [...]

Global Warming Blues

ReadOasis Step 3 The sun shined white-hot. John could feel it, almost burning his skin. The air was thick and [...]

The 10-20-30 Rule

By Guy KawasakiReadOasis Step 5 The seventh thing is you need to follow what I call the 10-20-30 rule. I [...]

The Storytelling Animal

Book Trailer by Jonathan Gottschall ReadOasis Step 5 Statisticians believe they could get a monkey to type Hamlet if they [...]

The Funniest Cup of Coffee

ReadOasis Step 1 What happened to Mr. Bean's morning cup of coffee? Mr Bean looks at the clock. He sees [...]

The Rabbit Who Came to Supper

ReadOasis Step 5(Part 1) Bugs Bunny“I'm trapped. Trapped. I gotta get out of this.I gotta think fast. Trapped.Oh boy, they've [...]

Choosing a Major

By Daniel Pink (Author of A Whole New Mind)ReadOasis Step 3 Students choosing a college major should follow their interests. [...]

Change in 59 Seconds

By Professor Richard Wiseman ReadOasis Step 2 59 Seconds is about the science of self-help. So one part of the [...]