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1.5 billion people study English. But they often learn the old, hard, and boring way. So, they feel lost, powerless, and confused. 

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Learning English can be hard, slow, and boring. 

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What do people say about ReadOasis?


Student, Tokyo Christian University

I came to really understand English thanks to ReadOasis. All stories are interesting. My aim is to read 1 million words!


Student, Keio University

My TOEIC test score went from 660 to 830 after I started reading a lot. I'm delighted to meet big, easy reading!

Rebecca Babirye

English Teacher

With ReadOasis, my students have discovered that learning English can be enjoyable and meaningful.

Larry Ferlazzo

Award Wining Teacher and Blogger

ReadOasis is among the best sites that students can use independently and let teachers check on progress.

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ReadOasis has the solution you need.

Learning English can be hard and boring. But stories make learning fun and powerful. Experts say this. Stories work as the best way to put language in your brain. And with ReadOasis, you can enjoy many stories that improve your life and your English. 


You want to become a capable and connected communicator of English. To do so, you need to find the best ways to improve. But too often, learners try to climb the tall wall of hard test prep. That’s not fun! And it’s not the best way to learn. Learners also do boring and ineffective language exercises. So, what happens? They tire of studying English. They lose interest and power.

We believe that learning English should not be hard and boring. We’ve studied in hard and boring classes. We’ve seen many unhappy students who study this way. And we made ReadOasis to solve these problems. How have we done this? We’ve helped thousands of learners read millions of words -- with stories. Experts call this "extensive reading." But we like to call it "big, fun reading," or big reading for short.

With big, fun reading, you learn English the natural way. Experts say that if you read 300,000 words at your level, you’ll experience a jump forward. You'll get better results on tests like IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL. And you’ll grow confidence with English. Research also shows this. Big reading creates a world of English in your brain. In fact, if you read 2 million words, you get big results -- like living in an English-speaking country for one year.

Experts also say this. Big reading works as the best way to improve how you learn English. It’s not just an extra activity that you can do. It works as a key activity that you should do! Big reading helps you succeed by learning the smart way. And it also makes you smarter. Big readers enjoy fun, life-changing stories at their level – as they learn English.

So, join ReadOasis today. Don’t waste your energy with too much test prep. Don’t waste your time with boring language study. Enjoy stories in English at your level. Feel the power of life-changing stories for learning English. And become a capable and connected communicator -- with ReadOasis.com.

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