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Tired of BORING grammar study?

BIG reading works better than grammar study. And learners enjoy BIG reading more than grammar study. BIG reading gets results! Which do you rather do? Study a big, fat grammar book? Or, enjoy stories?

What's better than HARD test prep?

BIG readers score high on big tests like the TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS. Students don't like test prep! But they do like BIG reading -- as they enjoy stories and learning about health, happiness, wealth and wisdom. 

Does English feel like a BIG puzzle?

You can study grammar and words like puzzles. But BIG readers get a feel for grammar a natural way by hearing and reading helpful and enjoyable stories!

What People Say

My TOEIC score went from 660 to 830 after I started reading a lot. I'm delighted to meet big, easy reading! Thank you! -- Student, Keio University

I came to really understand English thanks to ReadOasis. All stories are interesting. My aim is to read one million words! -- Student, Tokyo Christian University

ReadOasis is a very useful website. -- Renowned Linguist, Paul Nation

One of the best sites students can use independently -- Larry Ferlazzo, Award Winning Teacher

A great site with excellent content. -- Dr. Charlie Browne

I enjoy studying with ReadOasis -- Student, Keio University

Want More Confidence to Use English?

Big readers get confidence with English. Why? Because they get BIG data. When you read big, you get big word power. And you enjoy talking about many topics because you read big. 

Start Enjoying English Now!

Experts say that big reading works as the best way to improve how you learn English.

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What do REAL EXPERTS say about the power of big reading and listening?


Extensive reading, is a completely indispensable part of any language program, if not all language programs.

Waring, R. (2009). The Inescapable case for Extensive Reading.


It is now perhaps the most thoroughly investigated and best-supported technique we have in the field of second-language [teaching].

Krashen, S. D. (2003). Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use. 


Adding an extensive reading program to a language course is the most important improvement that a teacher can make. 

Nation, P. (2013). What Should Every EFL Teacher Know?

  • ENJOY learning English the natural way -- focused on messages.
  • Understand FAST English by listening to great stories -- at your level.
  • Access over 2,000 stories in 10 levels wherever you go -- mobile or PC. 
  • Get CONFIDENCE with English -- with big reading and listening.

Experts agree. Big, easy reading works as the best way to improve how you learn English.

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