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Big readers read for pleasure, get smarter, grow more happiness, and build English super powers. 

Read big and easy for fun

To learn English, read big for pleasure. Read easy -- at the right level -- with stories and topics you like. 

Read big and get smarter

Read and get smarter. Big reading grows your language, emotional, and general intelligence. 

Read big and get happier

As you learn English, get the keys to the good life. Grow happiness, health, wisdom, and success by reading big.  

1,000 English Learners — 300 MILLION Words!

Over 1,000 English learners have read over 300,000,000 words at That’s about 40,000 hours — or 4 years of reading! We asked these learners about their experiences with big reading. What did they say?

68% said big reading felt easier than traditional study. 80% found big reading more enjoyable. 83% found big reading more helpful than traditional study. 83% said big reading helped them grow confidence with English.

It was not difficult to study! I was very happy when I understood the contents of the story! Thank you for My English skill improved.

I like ReadOasis because I can enjoy reading many stories. ReadOasis consists of words which are often used in casual conversation. We can learn practical English by using ReadOasis.

I read a lot of stories, and got skills of reading English. I can read anywhere I am. Reading new stories made me realize new things. ReadOasis helps me to learn English in a fun way!

What can you do with ReadOasis?

Enjoy 2000+ Stories

Enjoy stories about your favorite topics: music, art, science, tech, business, and more. 

Listen to ALL stories

Listen to every story on your mobile device or PC. Improve your listening skills as you read. 

 Enjoy at YOUR level

You can enjoy stories easily -- at your level -- with our 10 level grading system. 

Read faster and faster

Learn to read faster by reading big and by taking our speed reading courses. 

Track your progress

Track your word counts. Track your reading speed. Track your quiz scores. 

Learn the top words

Use word quizzes to learn the most important words in English and grow your word power. 

Play the ring game

Play the reading ring game. As you read, close your reading rings. Read more; get more rings!

Read with a mission

Grow your English super powers. Read for fun. Read to get smarter. Read for the good life.

Get tools for teachers

Teachers use our learning management system to support your students as they read big.