Where Did Tetris Come From?

ReadOasis Step 2 Tetris stands as one of the most popular games of all time. The game was created in [...]

Cars, Cars, Cars

ReadOasis Step 2 In the modern world, many people cannot live easily without a car, but just 100 years ago, [...]

A Library in Your Bag: The Kindle

ReadOasis Step 2 An e-book is an electronic book. People can read e-books on personal computers and mobile phones. A [...]

MIT Cheetah Robot

ReadOasis Step 5 Creative Commons photo by Jiuguang-Wang Scientists have been experimenting with four-legged robots for years. They want robots [...]

$80,000 for One Song

ReadOasis Step 2 The room is dark. You are alone. You are drinking a coke and downloading some songs from [...]

The Future on Your Wrist (Step 2)

By Tek SmithReadOasis Step 2 The world was waiting with excitement. Three years earlier, Steve Jobs had died. Jobs was [...]

First in Flight

ReadOasis Step 1 They wanted to make a new kind of machine. It was something that had never been made [...]

Saved by the Belt

ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 1) Michelle ran out of the church. She got into her red Porsche, started the engine, [...]

The Best Things — Steve Jobs

The following is a summary of a famous quote from Steve Jobs. Usually, people remember the part “Great artists steal.” [...]

Making Social Networks Safer

ReadOasis Step 2 MySpace is the second largest social networking site in the US. It has over 115 million users. [...]