Maya and the Giants of Nazaré

ReadOasis Step 1 It felt like falling. Maya flew down the wall. Not a wall of stone, but a wave. [...]

Alex Climbs the Great Rock

ReadOasis Step 1 Alex held on to the rock. He looked down below. And he saw big trees. But they [...]

The Highest Jump in History

ReadOasis Step 1 Javier runs. His long legs move him forward. He jumps. He flies! Up and over the bar, [...]

Usain Bolt Can Fly

ReadOasis Step 1 "Set. Bang!" The runners shot from their marks. The announcer shouted, "Good start from Bolt! Bolt is [...]

A Champion for My Father

ReadOasis Step 1 Saori raised her hands high. She ran to her coach. She jumped on his shoulders! The crowd [...]

They Took Jim Thorpe’s Medals!

ReadOasis Step 1 The news hit Jim hard. "I can't believe it," he thought. "They are stealing my medals!" He [...]

World Cup 2011 — Japan vs. USA

ReadOasis Step 1 All eyes look at the score. USA 2, Japan 1. The clock runs down. Only 3 minutes [...]

23 Gold Medals

ReadOasis Step 1 Michael flies into the water. SWOOSH! His arms move fast. His legs kick with power. His long [...]

The Hand of God

ReadOasis Step 1 Maradona passed the ball. He ran for the goal. An English player tried to kick it away. [...]

Ayumu is Superhuman

ReadOasis Step 1 Ayumu speeds down the hill. Then he shoots up the bank. He jumps and spins into the [...]