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The Three Little Pigs
By William Byron Forbush (Public Domain)ReadOasis Step 3 A long time ago pigs could talk. No one had ever heard of bacon. And pigs lived happy and long lives together with their families. In one of those families lived an old, piggy mother and her three little sons. They... Read more
The Future on Your Wrist (Step 3)
By Tek SmithReadOasis Step 3 The world was waiting in anticipation. It had been three years since the death of Steve Jobs. Jobs was the head of Apple Computer. Under his leadership, Apple released many innovative products, including the iPod, the iPhone, iTunes, and the iPad. These products were... Read more
Michael Jackson: King of Pop
ReadOasis Step 3 In March 1983, Motown Records celebrated its 25th anniversary with a major television event. Many Motown artists gave impressive performances, but Michael Jackson upstaged them all when he sang Billie Jean and revealed his signature dance move, the moonwalk. His performance caused many to perceive him... Read more
The Little Shepherd Boy
By William Byron Forbush (Public Domain)ReadOasis Step 3 Once upon a time there was a little shepherd boy. He attained fame and honor far and wide for the wise answers which he gave to all questions. Now the King of the country heard of this boy, but he would... Read more
The Father of Fantasy Stories
ReadOasis Step 3 Frodo is a little man. Well, he’s actually a hobbit. A hobbit is like a man, but only smaller. Frodo is small, but he has a big heart. He also has a big job. He holds a ring. It’s a magic ring that has the power... Read more
Country Music Icon: Hank Williams
ReadOasis Step 3 It was the middle of America’s Great Economic Depression. Hank Williams was just seven when his father left. The stress from World War I still burned in his father’s brain, and he committed himself into Veteran’s hospital. Hank’s mother worked. She played organ at church, and... Read more
Johnny Cash: The Man in Black (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 Johnny Cash was a man of great presence, as if born from an ancient legend that reveals the contradictions of human life. Cash died in 2003, but he gave us a vast collection of over 50 years of music. He also created his own genre, between... Read more
Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 Tom Sawyer gets in and out of trouble all the time. But he has a good heart, and he slowly grows to become a leader among his friends. His leadership ability was always there; it was just hidden in his playful heart and free spirit. The... Read more
Poor Anne
By A. A. MilneReadOasis Step 3 At birth, she was given the beautiful name Anne Lavender. So, her full name was Anne Lavender Lavender. This was an idea of Mr. Lavender's. He was very proud of his family. And it troubled him to think about his daughter’s future marriage.... Read more
Where Go the Boats?
By Robert Louis StevensonReadOasis Step 3 Dark brown is the river,Golden is the sand.It flows along for ever,With trees on either hand. Green leaves a-floating,Castles of the foam,Boats of mine a-boatingWhere will all come home? On goes the riverAnd out past the mill,Away down the valley,Away down the hill.... Read more
Choosing a Major
By Daniel Pink (Author of A Whole New Mind)ReadOasis Step 3 Students choosing a college major should follow their interests. That’s easy. You should choose something you’re interested in, simple as that. If you try to choose your major based on getting a job when you graduate or what... Read more
The Wisdom of Socrates (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 The man mixed the hemlock plant into a drink. It was a strong cup of poison. And then, a slave led the man into a room where Socrates was waiting. When Socrates saw the man, he said, "Now, good sir, you understand these things. What must... Read more
My Shadow
By Robert Louis StevensonReadOasis Step 3 Creative Commons Photo by blykst I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;And I... Read more
The Princess and the Apple Tree
By A.A. MilneReadOasis Step 3 Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess, who loved all lovely things, and most of all she loved the flowers and the blossoming trees in her father's garden. Now there was a humble man called Silvio, whose business it was to tend... Read more
Saint Paul: The Most Influential Christian
ReadOasis Step 3 Saint Paul (AD 3-62) is the first major Christian missionary and theologian. He was educated as a Jewish religious leader. And when Christianity began to spread, Paul worked hard to oppose and persecute Christians. But ironically he became a Christian himself after experiencing a vision of... Read more
The Blind Men and the Elephant (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3(Part 1) Print by Hanabusa Itchō (1652–1724) Once upon a time, a long time ago, there were six blind men who stood by the roadside every day. Day after day, at the same place, they begged for food and money from the travelers and wanderers who passed... Read more
Happiness in 59 Seconds (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 Jim sat into a soft, red chair. He looked down, and then he started to weep. "Am I asking too much?" he said. "I just want to be happy and fulfilled." Dr. Jones gave Jim a box of paper tissues. "Thank you," said Jim as he... Read more
Songs of Survival
ReadOasis Step 3 It was my twentieth birthday. I was sitting in the family piano room when my father opened the door. He had a big smile on his face, and he said, "Happy Birthday!" Then he handed me a big box. Inside was a new guitar. It was... Read more
Born a Businessman (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 In 1966, Richard was 16 years old. He was a student, but he was annoyed with the way he was taught in school. He wanted to change his world, and he was going to do something about it. He resolved to publish a magazine that was... Read more
Make Meaning in Business
By Guy KawasakiReadOasis Step 3 The first thing I figured out and learned sometimes the hard way, about entrepreneurship is that the core, the essence of entrepreneurship is about making meaning. Many, many people start companies to make money, the quick flip, the dot-com phenomena. And I have noticed... Read more