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Cultural Quest — 10 Key Questions
ReadOasis Step 2 The alarm sounded. "Beep, beep, beep!" The morning sun shone into Zoe's room. As she opened her eyes, she saw her plane ticket. Tokyo. "Oh my," she said to herself. "The day is here! I'm really going." Today, Zoe will fly for the first time. And... Read more
The Grammar of Jokes
ReadOasis Step 2 Mr. Jones stood in front of his English class. The students looked sleepy and bored, so Mr. Jones decided to open with an interesting story. He told the students a famous joke, and here is what happened…    The Joke. Two older couples ate dinner together. After... Read more
The Good Speaker’s Secret
ReadOasis Step 2 Gary stood in front of the class. He looked at all his students. He opened his mouth to speak. But the students didn't listen. They talked to each other. He started speaking again. "Today, I want to talk about The Old Man and the Sea. Do... Read more
Country Music is Storytelling
One day, Johnny Cash took the stage. He smiled wide. His black clothes shined. He said, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." He picked up his guitar. He began to sing. His voice was deep, like a river's flow. The song was about a man. The man was in prison. The... Read more
Are You a Good Listener?
ReadOasis Step 2 Sue closed the car door. She looked down at her feet. And she started to cry. Tears flowed down her face. Jim said, "What's the matter?" As she cried, Sue said, "You hurt my feelings. You made a joke about me. And you did it in... Read more
Jumping Over Death, Evel Knievel
ReadOasis Step 1 The people felt real fear. They watched Robert. He sat on his bike. The sound was loud. "POP! CRACK! VROOM!" The bike started to move. Faster and faster, he rode. The bike hit the ramp. Robert jumped high. He flew through a wall of water! Down... Read more
Do You Know How Your Body Talks?
ReadOasis Step 2 Do you know how your body talks? Can it help you share your thoughts and feelings? A famous psychologist, Albert Mehrabian, studied these questions. He looked at how our bodies show others what we think and feel. Let's see what he found with two simple examples.... Read more
Skating Legend Mao Asada
ReadOasis Step 1 Mao smiles big. She jumps high. She spins fast three times. She lands on one foot. "Wow!" The crowd cheers! It was the 2010 Olympics. Mao Asada made history. She did an amazing jump. It's called the "triple axel." And she stands as the first woman... Read more
The Trouble with Ken’s Horse
ReadOasis Step 2 Ken walked on the green grass behind his house. He looked up and saw Bella, his beautiful horse. Bella's coat shone bright in the afternoon sun. Ken touched Bella's face. "Hi girl," he said. And then Ken held up a shiny, red apple. Bella wanted to... Read more
The Book of Knowledge
ReadOasis Step 2 Tim opened the door and left his house. The sky was red, almost dark. But, Tim wanted to walk in the forest. As he walked, he saw something under a tree. It was a book! He saw gold letters on the cover. Tim read them aloud:... Read more
Larisa Won 18 Medals!
ReadOasis Step 1 Larisa dances in the air. She flies like a bird. She lands light on her feet. The crowd cheers! It was the 1956 Olympics. Larisa Latynina amazed the crowds. She won four gold medals. And she made the world smile. Larisa was born in Ukraine. At... Read more
Grete Waitz Ran Fast (Greh-teh Vites)
ReadOasis Step 1 "On your mark. Get set!" BANG! Grete starts. She runs fast. She pushes herself. 10, 20, 30, 42 kilometers! She crosses the finish line. First place! That was the 1978 New York City Marathon. Grete Waitz, from Norway, won that day. It was her first marathon... Read more
Easter Story
ReadOasis Step 2 These were the most difficult days of their lives. Their eyes were red and dry. These women had cried out all their tears. He was their leader and teacher. He was their best friend. He changed their lives and made their world new again. He gave... Read more
12 Rules for Language and Culture Learning
ReadOasis Step 2 Students sometimes don't think about the best ways to study. So, they may lose motivation to learn. And sometimes they fail. But these 12 rules can help you keep motivation and learn more successfully.  1. Build Group Energy.  Class is community. Your effort makes the class... Read more
Emily’s Morning Power Routine
ReadOasis Step 2 Meet Emily. She is always late for school and feels stressed every morning. She needs a solution to her problem. So, Emily came up with a new morning routine. She based her ideas on the work of professors, Andrew Huberman, Jordan Peterson, and Richard Wiseman.  The... Read more
The Magic of 10 Second Breaks
ReadOasis Step 2 Have you ever had trouble learning something new? What can you do to solve this problem? Just take a 10-second break. Then think about nothing. Give yourself a short rest in your learning. Put a short gap in your practice. We call this "The Gap Effect." ... Read more
The 1st Perfect 10 — Nadia Comaneci
ReadOasis Step 1 Nadia springs off the lower bar. She spins up to the higher bar. And she stands on both hands -- high on top. Then she drops down and flies over the lower bar. SWOOSH! and POP! Perfect landing! The crowd goes "Ahhh!"  Then they waited. The... Read more
I Am the Greatest
ReadOasis Step 1 1960, the Rome Olympic Games. A crowd cheers a fight. The bell rings. The fighters stop. The judge lifts the hand of a young black man. He is the winner of Olympic gold.  Today we call him Muhammad Ali. He danced. He punched like a flash.... Read more
The 1964 Olympics
ReadOasis Step 1 83,000 people hear the sound of his voice. He is Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan. His words fill the air. "I announce the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games."  The people cheer. Balloons fly. All eyes look down on the track. One runner enters the stadium.... Read more
WBC 2023 — A Perfect Baseball Story
ReadOasis Step 1 He stands tall. Other players circle around him. He speaks. "You'll see many famous players. But today only, don't look up to them. Go above them. Think only about winning. Let's GO!" The speaker is Shohei Ohtani. It's the 2023 World Baseball Classic. The final game.... Read more