Two Men and a Bear (Step 1)

By Aesop Retold by ReadOasis ReadOasis Step 1 Two men were walking together through the woods. As they walked, they [...]

Driving Motivation (Step 1)

ReadOasis Step 1 Doctor Harlow made a game. On a box, he put a lock. To open the box, you [...]

The King and Carl

ReadOasis Step 1 Many years ago there was a King of Prussia. His name was Frederick. He was very wise [...]

The Oldest People on Earth

ReadOasis Step 1 Many, many years ago, Egypt was the greatest country in the world. It was a beautiful land. [...]

The Farmer and the Birds

ReadOasis Step 1 By Aesop A Mother Bird made her house in a field. And the field was full of [...]

The Science of Painful Words (Step 1)

ReadOasis Step 1 "If you cut me, I may bleed. But your words can't touch me. I'm too strong." This [...]

Talking Dog for Sale

ReadOasis Step 1 One day a man named Joe was walking down the street. As he walked, he saw a [...]

The Lion and the Fox (Step 1)

ReadOasis Step 1 Once there was a great Lion. He ruled the world. And all living things feared him. He [...]

The Frog and the Mouse

By AesopReadOasis Step 1 A mouse and a frog were friends. Every morning the frog jumped out of the water. [...]

Tit for Tat (Step 1)

ReadOasis Step 1 A Horse and a Dog were friends. One day the Dog spoke to the Horse. "I know [...]