What to Do Before an Earthquake
Fires of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Earthquakes come suddenly, violently, and without warning. You need to find dangers ahead of time. And you need to plan ahead. Then you can reduce the dangers of serious injury or loss of life from an earthquake. The following things will reduce... Read more
Dog Learns 1022 Words
This is a summary of research about an amazing dog named Chaser (ReadOasis Step 2). Researchers studied the receptive language skills of a dog. The dog's name is Chaser, and she is a border collie. Border collies are usually black and white, and they generally work with sheep. The... Read more
Call of Duty Game Breaks Records Again
ReadOasis Step 2 The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported this gaming news on November 12, 2010, summarized here at ReadOasis Step 2. The video game Call of Duty: Black Ops reached first-day sales of $360 million in the U.S. and U.K. The game is made by the company Activision.... Read more
Reading Out Loud to Children is Good
ReadOasis Step 1 A recent study showed that reading out loud to young children is a good thing. Young children will have better language, reading, and writing skills at school if their parents read to them. These children will more likely develop a love of reading. And this can... Read more
Smoking Affects DNA
USA Today reported about a new study on smoking (summarized at ReadOasis Step 2). Tobacco smoke causes immediate harm to the body, even if the contact is short. It can damage cells and cause body tissue to redden. These effects can lead to serious illness and death. This was... Read more
Hand Washing is Up!
USA reported that hand washing is increasing. Here is a summary at ReadOasis Step 1. Recently, Americans have heard a lot of information about influenza. Maybe this has helped. In a recent study, researchers found this. Eighty-five percent of grown-ups washed their hands in public restrooms. This is the... Read more
What to Do During an Earthquake
Seattle Earthquake (by Seattle Municipal Archives) You can do many things to protect yourself during an earthquake. Be aware that some earthquakes are actually smaller earthquakes before a bigger one. A larger earthquake might happen after the first one. During an earthquake, limit your movements to a few steps... Read more
The Power of a Good Mother
Mothers, babies, and affection at ReadOasis Step 2 Babies tend to become happy and mentally healthy children when their mothers are caring and attentive. But one study suggests this. The benefits of a caring mother may go well beyond childhood. The study followed nearly 500 babies into their 30s.... Read more
Skills You Need to Succeed
Thomas L. Friedman wrote about education in the New York Times (ReadOasis Step 1). Barak Obama got it exactly right when he said this. Whoever “out-educates us today is going to out-compete us tomorrow.” The bad news is this. For years, other countries have been doing education better than... Read more
Body Weight and Length of Hospital Stays
Science Daily reported this story about body weight and the length of hospital stays (summarized at ReadOasis Step 2). Researchers have found a direct relationship between body weight and how long and often a person stays in the hospital. On average, heavy people stayed 1.5 days longer in the... Read more
A Gene for Doing Good
Here is the story at ReadOasis Step 2 Do you like to do good things for other people? If so, your genes might be responsible. A new study suggests this. Researchers at the University of Bonn looked at attitudes about giving. According to the study, a small change in... Read more
Waves of Chinese Students Go to America
Summarized from the New York Times at ReadOasis Step 2 Chinese students have long filled American graduate schools. But now Chinese undergraduates represent the fastest-growing group of foreign students in the US. In 2008-9, more than 26,000 Chinese were studying in the United States. This is an increase of... Read more
Politics Influences Views on Global Warming
An Interesting Social Fact About Global Warming (ReadOasis Step 2) Democrats and Republicans are the two main political parties in the US. These parties have different views about climate change. (Climate change concerns major changes in weather conditions.) That is, their views about global warming vary widely along party... Read more
Dolphins Find Common Language
Read at ReadOasis Step 2. New research suggests an interesting fact about dolphins. When two different kinds of dolphins come together, they try to find a common language. Bottlenose and Guyana dolphins are distantly related. But they often meet together near Costa Rica. Both kinds of dolphins make unique... Read more
Science and Moses
ReadOasis Step 3 The Bible tells a story about the parting of the Red Sea. This story has amazed people for thousands of years. A new study suggests a scientific explanation. The study was published in an online magazine. It says that strong continuous winds could explain the event.... Read more
Games and Decision Making
ReadOasis Step 2 People who like action video games -- like shooters -- are better at making good and quick decisions. This result came from a study at the University of Rochester. Researchers showed sets of dots to groups of players and non-players. They had to identify the direction... Read more
How the Universe Began
ReadOasis Step 2 On September 8, 2010, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece about Stephen Hawking. Here is a summary at ReadOasis Step 2. Stephen Hawking is an influential scientist, and he has shown his influence again. He is arguing that God did not create the universe.... Read more
Whales Can Smell
ReadOasis Step 2 BBC Earth News reported this story on July 22, 2010. This is a ReadOasis summary at Step 2. It was unknown before, but some whales may have the ability to smell the air. This discovery changes our understanding of how whales find food. Scientists think some... Read more
Money and Happiness
WebMD reported this medical news on September 10, 2010. (ReadOasis Step 1 Summary) Money may affect your way of thinking about life. But it can only buy so much for your daily happiness... Researchers found that income can positively affect how you view your life. But it does not necessarily... Read more
Chimps Escape Hunters
Here is a summary of a BBC Earth story at ReadOasis Step 2. Chimpanzees are finding ways to get away from human hunters. In Africa, people often try to catch animals for meat, but they kill or hurt chimps and other animals. Some chimps in the forests of Guinea... Read more