Culture as a Way of Life

ReadOasis Step 2 The last thing I remember before the car accident was music. My favorite song played on the [...]

Your Cross-Cultural Purpose

ReadOasis Step 2 Viktor listened to the sound of hard coughing. He looked at the man in the bed next [...]

Communication, Culture, and Conflict

ReadOasis Step 2 The following story uses very strong language -- not appropriate for children.  In his work team, only [...]

Shocked by Culture (Part 1)

ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 1) Yuki stepped outside the airplane, and the warm air touched her face. “The heat feels [...]

Shocked by Culture (Part 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) If Yuki marries Arturo today, imagine her future. His parents do not come to the [...]

Become a Barefoot Bilingual

ReadOasis Step 3 Bruce looked down at the blue ocean below. In the distance, he saw the green hills and [...]

Update Your Mental and Cultural Software

ReadOasis Step 2 Neo looked at the chair. On the backrest, he saw wires connected to a sharp object. “It [...]

Blind Men and the Elephant of Culture

ReadOasis Step 2 Long ago in a faraway land, six blind men sat by the road. Animals and people walked [...]

Curious For Cultures

ReadOasis Step 2 Lena looked back. She felt fear, sadness, and excitement all at once. She waved to her friends [...]

Six Culture Conflicts (Part 1)

ReadOasis Step 2 Note -- The events in this story are shocking. Joel held the warm, brown cup in both [...]