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Momotaro — The Peach Boy (Step 2)
A Story from JapanReadOasis Step 2 Long ago in Japan, there lived a poor old man and woman. The old man often went to the mountains to cut grass. The old woman often went to the river to wash clothes. One day, while she was washing, a big pink... Read more
The Nature of Time
ReadOasis Step 2 A man was trying to understand the nature of time. In prayer, he asked God, "How long is a million years to you?" God answered, "A million years is like a minute." Then the man asked this. "God, how much is a million dollars to you?"... Read more
The Rabbit: A Traditional Story (Step 2)
With special thanks to storyteller Hugh Lupton. ReadOasis Step 2 In the south of Oregon, near Lake of the Woods, young John Jones was walking through the forest. As he walked, he enjoyed the fresh air and the tall green trees. He came to an open field. The grass was... Read more
The Lion and the Mouse (Step 2)
By AesopReadOasis Step 2 It was a dark night, deep in the Gir Forest of India. A great Lion was sleeping under a teak tree. His breath sounded like the wind as he slept. And every time he opened an eye, the forest listened. The animals did not want... Read more
How to Know if a Book’s Level is Right for You
By Randall Short ReadOasis Step 1 At ReadOasis, you can read lots of short stories. Short stories are great because you can read to the end without stopping. You may keep on reading even if the words are difficult and the story is hard to understand. You know that... Read more
Saving the Birds
ReadOasis Step 2 Creative Commons photo by AdADurden One day in spring, four men were riding on horses. They were travelling on a country road. It had just finished raining. The ground was very soft. Water was dripping from the trees. The grass was wet. These men were lawyers.... Read more
The Farmer and the Actor (Step 2)
ReadOasis Step 2 It was summer in Small-town. A famous actor was visiting from New York. He walked through the fields and enjoyed the beautiful sights. He loved the country. It was quiet. The air was clean and fresh. The scenery was beautiful, and the smells were delightful. He... Read more
The Cask of Amontillado
By Edgar Allan Poe ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) I said I was glad to see him too, because I had a little problem. "What is it?" he asked, putting his large hand on my shoulder. "My dear Fortunato," I said, "I'm afraid I have been very stupid. The... Read more