The Wisdom of Socrates (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2By Max L. Knowles The plant was highly poisonous. The man took it and mixed it into a [...]

Say No to Overwork

ReadOasis Step 2 "I told you that you could do it! You worked hard and got into a great university. [...]

The Post-Truth World

ReadOasis Step 2 In November 2016, Donald Trump wrote some strange words on Twitter. He said that "millions of people... [...]

The Motown Sound (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 You don't know soul music if you don't know the Motown sound. Motown is a record company [...]

The Blues: Music of Survival

ReadOasis Step 2 Four men were walking across a field. They were carrying a body wrapped up in white cloth. [...]

Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer (Step 2)

By David BelloReadOasis Step 2 Tom Sawyer gets in and out of trouble all the time. But he has a [...]

The Life of Vincent van Gogh

ReadOasis Step 2 Every Sunday morning, Vincent would put on his best clothes. When he was ready, he would walk [...]

Story Power (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 Dorothy looked up into the sky. And she started to sing. Her soft voice rose up gently [...]

Get Power with Body Language (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 "Power posing actually causes people to become more powerful." -- Amy Cuddy It was 4:00 A.M and [...]

Tit for Tat (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 A Wild Horse and a Wild Dog were friends. One day the Dog said to the Horse: [...]