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How a Prince Learned to Read
ReadOasis Step 1(Part 1) A thousand years ago, boys and girls did not learn to read. Books were very hard to find, and only a few men could read them. Each book was written with a pen or a brush. The pictures were painted by hand, and some of... Read more
The As If Principle
By Richard WisemanReadOasis Step 3 In 1884, the great American Philosopher William James had a radical idea. James argued that if you behave as if you’re a certain type of person, you become that person. Decades of research has shown that James’s idea applies to all aspects of your... Read more
How to Read a Texbook: SQ3R
Reading a textbook isn't the same as reading a novel. Many people find it more difficult. They also find it less interesting. This is probably because they don't have a good reading system. Do you have a good system for reading textbooks? If not, SQ3R is a simple, five-step... Read more
One Thousand Dollars
By O. Henry ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) "Were there any others mentioned in your uncle’s will?" asked Old Bryson. "None," said Gill. “There is a Miss Hayden. My uncle was responsible for her. She lived in his house. She's quiet and musical. She’s the daughter of somebody who... Read more
One Thousand Dollars
By O. Henry ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 3) "I forgot something," he said. "You may drive to the law offices of Tolman & Sharp.” At the law offices, Lawyer Tolman looked at Gill in a hostile and questioning way. "I beg your pardon," said Gill, cheerfully. "But did my... Read more