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Get Down to Business in English
ReadOasis Step 2(Part 1) A Big Decision As usual, the boss spoke clearly and in short sentences. “Okay, it’s decided. This meeting is over. You all know what to do.” One by one, the managers closed their notebooks and stood up. There were no jokes and no laughter. Everyone... Read more
ReadOasis: So here we are with Dr. Paul Nation, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wellington, Victoria (New Zealand).  And of course one of the most well-known linguists in the world. It’s an honor to have him. Just one quick question for our learners: How can extensive graded reading help... Read more
A Simple Recipe for Learning English
ReadOasis Step 1 To learn English, we need words. Most English native speakers know between 12,000 and 20,000 words. Shakespeare used 31,534 words. And he probably knew more. How many words do you know? Naomi knows 95% of the words in Alice in Wonderland. She understands it without a... Read more
Extensive Reading, Because it Works!
This is Professor Thomas Robb from Kyoto Sangyo University, and he is one of the world’s renowned experts on extensive graded reading.  Q: Tell us. Why should students do extensive reading? Dr. Robb: Why? Because it works. I’ve done it for Japanese as well. Really? Yeah. So I chose a mystery novel... Read more
Get Down to Business in English
ReadOasis Step 2(Part 2) Besides Rakuten, Uniqlo, the Japanese fashion giant, also has a similar English policy. CNN reports that this policy requires workers to do meetings in English. And new staff must achieve a score of 700 on English tests to join the company. Tadashi Yanai, president of... Read more
Get Down to Business in English
ReadOasis Step 2(Part 3) So if you understand lots of messages or stories in a low stress situation, you will acquire lots of language. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. You can easily remember this theory with the word ALBUM-S. It looks like this: AcquireLanguagesByUnderstandingMessages(minus) Stress. For... Read more
Get Down to Business in English
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 4) Why is it easier? First, it’s easier because we enjoy understanding messages. But it’s also easier because the ALBUM Theory has a rule for making messages understandable and at the right level. It’s called i + 1. With i + 1, i is the... Read more