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The Space Shuttle
ReadOasis Step 2 The first Space Shuttle was called the Enterprise. It was made in 1976. It was used only for testing. And it did not fly into space. The Enterprise flew on top of a large airplane (a Boeing 747). For testing, it was released from the top... Read more
The Trial of Galileo (Step 4)
ReadOasis Step 4 (Part 1) Ideas on Trial Galileo was old, weak, and ill. But he had to make the 200 mile journey to Rome in the middle of winter. Why all this trouble? The leader of the Church, the Pope, demanded it. Galileo must go on trial for... Read more
First in Flight
ReadOasis Step 1 They wanted to make a new kind of machine. It was something that had never been made before. They needed a new kind of engine. But no one would build it for them, so they built it themselves. They needed new information, so they did thousands... Read more
Cars, Cars, Cars
ReadOasis Step 2 In the modern world, many people cannot live easily without a car, but just 100 years ago, that was not the case. The Ford Motor Company produced its first car in 1903. It was called the Ford Model A, and a doctor from Chicago, Illinois, became... Read more
The First Man in Space
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 1) The giant rocket blasted upward. Hot fire and smoke exploded out of the base of it. Inside, Yuri Gagarin sat in a small control space called a cockpit. It shook with the raw power of the rocket. Yuri said, "Thank you. Goodbye. See you,... Read more
The Trial of Galileo (Step 4)
ReadOasis Step 4 (Part 2) Growing up Galileo Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa in 1564. His father was a composer and lute player who encouraged Galileo to study for a medical degree at the local university. It was while he was a student that he noticed that a... Read more
The First Man in Space
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) Yuri Gagarin -- The First Man in Space But Yuri said, "Everything is OK." At 7:55, Yuri was now 7 kilometers from the the ground. He was nearing home. The door of his ship opened, and two seconds later, he was ejected. His body flew... Read more