Captain Cousteau

ReadOasis Step 3 Jacques Cousteau (June 11, 1910 - June 25, 1997) studied the sea and all forms of life [...]

Your Earth Day

ReadOasis Step 2 The Colorado River is long. It flows through the Grand Canyon, and it stretches for 2,334 kilometers [...]

The Future of Water (Step 1)

By Max L. Knowles ReadOasis Step 1 Rajan is from northwestern Myanmar. He is 12 years old and lives in [...]

Rachel Carson, Nature Writer

ReadOasis Step 2 Rachel Carson (May 27, 1907 – April 14, 1964) was an American marine biologist and nature writer. [...]

The Future of Water (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 Lake Hume at 4% by suburbanbloke (Creative Commons License) Rajan is from northwestern Myanmar, near the border [...]

The Future of Water (Step 3)

ReadOasis Step 3 Rajan woke up to the sound of bird calls. He rubbed his eyes, and he heard his [...]

Evolution by Natural Selection

ReadOasis Step 3 Creative Commons photo by Oakley Originals Evolution is a process of how living things change over time. [...]

Global Warming

ReadOasis Step 2 Scientists think the world is getting warmer. They call this "global warming." This warming is caused by [...]

What to Do Before an Earthquake

ReadOasis Step 2 Fires of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Earthquakes come suddenly, violently, and without warning. You need to [...]

What to Do During an Earthquake

ReadOasis Step 2 Seattle Earthquake (by Seattle Municipal Archives) You can do many things to protect yourself during an earthquake. [...]