Genius for Melody
ReadOasis Step 4 (Part 2) George Gershwin composed music for both Broadway and the classical concert hall. But he is best known for his popular songs that brought his work to an even wider public. His compositions have been used in many films and on television. Many have become... Read more
The Meaning of Haiku
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) This sad story was told by Matsuo Basho, one of Japan’s most famous poets. The events, which are dramatized here, show us the life of the poor in old Japan. Many people did not have food, money, or housing. They had to make difficult... Read more
The Meaning of Haiku
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 3) Grammar and vocabulary also make a difference. In English, you can say this strange sentence. “The man bit the dog.” This sentence uses five sound units. But look at the Japanese version. “Otoko wa inu o kanda.” In Japanese, the sentence uses ten sound... Read more
The Meaning of Haiku
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 4) When writers follow Rule Two (see Part 3), haiku do not read like sentences. The reader feels a break between the fragment and the phrase. Look at these two examples. the cold wind blows and the lights in the house go on and off... Read more
Serious About Humor (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) As a child, Atkinson had a speech problem called stuttering. For example, he might say, "C-c-can w-we d-do it n-now?" Atkinson overcame this by emphasizing some sounds very strongly, but this problem sometimes surfaces in stressful situations. To reduce stress, Mr. Bean's scenes are... Read more
Metal Music and Metallica
ReadOasis Step 4 (Part 2) Metallica is one of the most famous metal bands. Since the 80's, they have won 7 Grammy Awards and sold over 90,000,000 albums. Five of their records have reached number one. And their 1991 Album, Metallica, has sold over 15 million copies, making it... Read more
The Adventures of a Folk Singer
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) But signing a record deal was just the beginning. Dylan had memorized hundreds of folk tunes, and on his first album, he recorded only one original song. But for his second album (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan), his surprising talent as a songwriter emerged. People... Read more
A Sentimental Imagination
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) A Christmas Carol is full of dramatic, appealing, or memorable personalities: Tiny Tim, the Christmas Ghosts, and Ebenezer Scrooge. These characters have become classic images in Western literature and culture. The story shows the powerful emotions that Christmas can bring. But it was written... Read more
A Force for Good in Music
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) Bono is a poet, a politician, and a social reformer. He co-established the organization DATA (debt, AIDS, trade, Africa) to raise awareness about these issues. Bono's goal is to solve Africa's economic and health problems. And he has put this goal on the agenda... Read more
C. S. Lewis: An Extraordinary Life (Step 2)
By David Bello ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) But Lewis was not always a religious man. From the age of thirteen till the age of thirty-one, Lewis supported atheism (the idea that God does not exist). However, Lewis began to change his mind because of the books he read... Read more
Master of Words: Bob Dylan
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) But signing a record contract was just the beginning. Dylan had memorized hundreds of folk songs. And on his first record, he recorded only two original songs. But for his second record (The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan), the world saw his talent as a writer... Read more
I See You — Avatar
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) You must try to get them to move out before the violence begins. To do this, you must befriend the Na'vi. You must get to know them and earn their trust. This is no easy task. They already know about human greed, and they... Read more
El Greco: Genius of Spanish Art
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) View of Toledo by El Greco Perhaps El Greco did not know what he was saying. Maybe he was exaggerating in order to make a point. But one thing is for sure. He knew how to paint, and he even acknowledged Michelangelo’s influence by... Read more
W.C. Handy: Father of the Blues (Step 2)
By Maria Sonora ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) The First Blues Music Ever Published: The Memphis Blues It is significant that the Father of the Blues came from a religious home. This shows an important musical and cultural fact. Blues and gospel music share roots and similarities. They share... Read more
Lady Sings the Blues
ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) Two years later, at the age of fifteen, Billie was given a job singing at a club. She eventually became one of the most famous nightclub singers in New York City. Then one night, Billie got a lucky break. Music producer John Hammond heard... Read more
Beyond the Freezing Point (Ayako Miura)
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) In fact, Ayako Miura became so ill that she had to stay in bed for 13 years. Without hope and purpose, she adopted Nihilism, the philosophy and belief that life has no meaning. But in the middle of this suffering, at age 30, Ayako... Read more
C. S. Lewis: An Extraordinary Life (Step 3)
By David Bello ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 1) An ordinary boy and girl are looking with great curiosity at a painting on the wall. The painting shows a ship sailing in the middle of the big blue sea. As they look, they begin to notice something mysterious. The ship... Read more
A Story of Robin Hood
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) Then Robin Hood stepped out from under the tree and said, "I say, young man! Have you any money to spare for my merry men and me?" "I have nothing at all," said the young man, "but five coins and a ring." "A gold... Read more
Inception: Dreams Inside Dreams
ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 2) But the biggest conflict is internal conflict. It is a conflict within Cobb’s own mind. . . Cobb seeks the help of a young architect named Ariadne (played by Ellen Page). In order to complete the mission, Cobb needs to create a dream. He... Read more
Drifting Cowboy: Hank Williams (Step 2)
By Maria Sonora ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 2) Hank was coughing painfully as they took to the road. . . Time on the road like this was often hard, but for Hank Williams life was often hard. He was born into hard times. When he was just six, in... Read more