Ichiro and the Kings of Baseball

ReadOasis Step 2 It often happens in sport. A player just knows he will bring his team the victory. Is [...]

The Biggest Sporting Event

ReadOasis Step 2 In 1982, England and Argentina were at war. They were fighting over the Falkland Islands. The English [...]

Number 42 (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 1) Jackie Robinson -- Number 42 (Image Wikipedia) A man stepped onto the baseball field. He [...]

A Coach for Life (Step 2)

ReadOasis Step 2 Coach John Wooden The students looked at the score of the game. And they could not believe [...]

Experience Flow

ReadOasis Step 2 Shaun White is a world famous snowboarder. Watch him slide down the pipe in slow motion. He [...]

Crazy for Basketball

ReadOasis Step 2 Just 17 seconds remained on the clock. The noise was overpowering. 61,612 basketball fans packed the Louisiana [...]