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ReadOasis has a multitude of easy graded texts for learners of English. It’s a fun site with lots of different stories to suit all levels. Check it out!— Dr. Rob Waring, Editor of The Footprint Reading Library from National Geographic Digital Media... Please login to read the rest of the story,... Read more
"ReadOasis takes the idea of extensive reading to a whole new level by offering authentic graded reading and listening materials online. It’s a great site with excellent content!" Dr. Charles Browne, Co-Founder of Word Engine / Science and Pedagogy Advisor to EnglishCentral and goFLUENT.... Please login to read the rest of the story, or... Read more provides a steady stream of interesting and very readable content for mid to high level ESL students (and also for native speakers of English at lower grade levels). The selection of material is varied and consistently thoughtful. ReadOasis thus avoids patronizing readers, conveying a respect for their intellectual... Read more
English students like *Ami Suzuki says, "I enjoy studying with ReadOasis!" In fact, hundreds and hundreds of university students in Japan have used They say things like, "The stories are meaningful to me" and "I get valuable information from ReadOasis." ... Read more