My office was moved to Tokyo. To unpack and set up the space, I had to go downtown. I didn’t want to take a crowded train, so I drove my car. 

To have less contact with people, I bought lunch and dinner with electronic money, and I ate alone in my office. 

But I wasn’t alone. My students texted me, saying, “We bought a webcam.” We tested it, and it worked great. We can have online lessons using Skype.

Later, I met with a good friend on FaceTime. We chatted face-to-face, and we enjoyed good conversation for a long time.

Later today, my book club will meet. We will discuss a great book with video chat, using Google Hangouts.

So, we can share time together during a time of social distancing. 

A while ago, I planned a series of videos called “Why Read Big?” And today’s video just happens to fit with the topic of social distancing.

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