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By Quinn, Nation, and Millett
Published here with authors’ permission
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A Beautiful Dancer from Bali

This is the story of Jayaprana which happened in Bali many years ago. Jayaprana was a very clever young man who could sing very well and was good at telling stories. One day Jayaprana’s parents became ill and died and not long after that his brothers and sisters also died. He was left all alone. After his family died, the king asked Jayaprana to come and live with him. The king liked him because he was good at singing and could tell interesting and funny stories. The king liked to listen to him. One day the king said to him, ‘Jayaprana, you are a man now and you must find a wife. Every man must marry. It is not good if you do not have a wife.’ Jayaprana answered, ‘But I am still too young to marry. I should wait for a few more years.’

The king said, ‘No, you are now old enough to marry. You must marry as soon as you can. You need to find a wife. You can choose one of the young women in my house.’ But Jayaprana was not interested in any of them.

One day he was walking in the town and he saw a beautiful young woman. Her eyes were dark, her hair was long and black, and her face was smooth and beautiful. She had a beautiful smile. When Jayaprana saw her, he fell in love with her. He asked his friends,’What is the name of that beautiful girl?’ His friends answered, ‘Her name is Ni Layonsari.’ Jayaprana could not forget her. He went to the king and said, ‘I want to marry Ni Layonsari. Can you write a letter to her parents? Please ask her parents to let me marry Her.’

Of course the king was very happy to hear this and he quickly wrote the letter and sent it to Ni Layonsari’s parents. The parents were happy to get a letter from the king. They said,’We will be happy if Jayaprana marries Ni Layonsari. ‘

So Jayaprana and Ni Layonsari were married and they loved each other very much. They lived near the house of the king. One day the king saw Ni Layonsari and when he saw her, he fell in love with her. He went back to his house, but he could not forget her. So the king wrote a letter and gave it to one of his servants. The king told the servant to kill Jayaprana. The king sent the servant and Jayaprana on a long journey. When they were far from the city, the servant gave the letter to Jayaprana. In the letter the king said, ‘Jayaprana, you must die. The servant will kill you.’

Jayaprana was sad, but he was not afraid to die. He was willing to follow the order of the king. ‘I am ready,’ he said. The servant took a knife and killed him. When Ni Layonsari heard about Jayaprana’s death, she cried. Then the king came to her and said, ‘Ni Layonsari, now you must marry me.’ Ni Layonsari answered, ‘I do not want to marry you.’ The king was angry when he heard this, and he said, ‘You must marry me now.’

Ni Layonsari answered, ‘You must wait for eleven days.’ That night Ni Layonsari took a knife and she killed herself. When the king heard this, he became angrier. He took a long knife and began to kill his servants. He killed many people and, in the end, he killed himself.

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