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21 Tips for a Lifestyle of Reading 21 Tips for a Lifestyle of Reading
Even if we (or our students) know the benefits of reading, we may still have trouble developing a lifestyle of reading. One way we... 21 Tips for a Lifestyle of Reading
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LoveBooksEven if we know the benefits of reading, we may still have trouble developing a lifestyle of reading. One way we can solve this problem is to see what big readers say about how they read. With this in mind, we have gathered 21 tips from big readers about their reading lifestyle. If we follow their advice, we can be big readers, too.

  1. Always carry a book with you.
  2. Read wherever you can — on the train, in a bus, waiting in line . . . Read everywhere.
  3. Read whenever you can — even just for a few minutes. When you don’t have time for a full meal, you can still have a small snack. In the same way, even if you don’t have time to read a lot, you can still take a few minutes now and then to read something.
  4. Sometimes read short and easy children’s books for fun. You can do this standing in a bookstore without buying a book, and you may learn something interesting and new!
  5. Read aloud to a friend, or read a picture book to a child, and watch their eyes light up!
  6. Set goals. Start with the goal of 5 to 10 minutes per day. And if you want to challenge yourself, aim to read at least 20 minutes per day, or even more!
  7. If you are having trouble with a book or finding it too hard or boring, put it down and pick up one that’s more enjoyable.
  8. Find your favorite quiet place. Sit there with your favorite beverage, and read!
  9. Schedule a reading retreat. Turn off your TV. Spend a Saturday morning reading. Or travel to a comfortable place with some books and read.
  10. Listen to an audiobook in the train, bus, or car. Try listening to a book while jogging or at the gym.
  11. Find out what your heros read, and read those books!
  12. If you’re reading a book that you really want to finish, try reading one chapter a day.
  13. In daily conversation, ask your friends what they’re reading, and read books they like.
  14. Read narrowly. Read a lot of books in the same genre or many books by the same author.
  15. Read widely. Read outside your interests and hobbies. Learn something new!
  16. Love libraries. Find a good library. Schedule regular visits. Get to know the library and librarian. Enjoy your library as a treasure!
  17. Make a book club with your friends. Read books together, and share your thoughts and ideas about the books you read. Though you may read serious books together, it’s also important to keep your book club fun and enjoyable.
  18. Post quotations from books you enjoy on Facebook or Twitter. Have fun seeing which ones your friends and followers like and share with others.
  19. Practice “chain reading.” That is, choose your next book before you finish the one you’re reading now so you can get started on the next book as soon as you finish.
  20. From time to time, read thrillers and other works of fiction that are really hard to put down.
  21. Make a list of the books you want to read, and keep track of the books you read.

Here’s another tip! Tell others about the power of reading, and share this list with your friends and colleagues. If you have your own tip, please share it as a comment below. As you support the power of reading, you will also inspire yourself and others to read more!