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Jesse On the Line
ReadOasis Step 1 Jesse stood on the line. He took a deep breath. And he started to run. He ran faster and faster. And then he jumped long and high. After the jump, Jesse looked at the judge. The judge said, "8.06 meters*. First place!" It was the 1936... Read more
Showtime for Shohei
ReadOasis Step 1 CRACK! Shohei's bat hits the ball. The ball flies higher and higher. The crowd goes crazy. The ball flies far over the fence. Home run! The noise of the crowd is loud.  Shohei Ohtani plays baseball. He comes from Japan. But he plays in America. Shohei... Read more
Number 42 Forever
ReadOasis Step 1 Jackie picked up the note. The paper smelled like hate. Then he read the words. "WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU." "Why?" Jackie thought. "I just want to play baseball."  Long ago, baseball wasn't fair. No black players played in the Major Leagues. Then came Jackie... Read more
The All-Time Hit King
ReadOasis Step 1 The stars shine down on Safeco Field. The night air moves with energy. 50,000 fans stand on their feet. Ichiro steps up and raises his bat. The pitcher throws the ball. "CRACK!" 50,000 voices reach the sky, "RAAAAAH!" Ichiro runs to first. "SAFE!" On TV, the... Read more
Super Speed Ueno
ReadOasis Step 1 "OUT!" shouts the judge. The Americans are shocked. They can't believe their crying eyes. America won gold in 1996, 2000, and 2004. But not now. The ball shoots too fast. 126 kilometers per hour too fast! Who threw the ball too fast? Yukiko Ueno did. She... Read more
Kristi on the Ice
ReadOasis Step 1 The people waited for the moment. Kristi smiled. She raised her hands in the air. Then she stepped onto the ice. Her face looked like the sun. She skated with style. She jumped and turned. She moved and danced with grace. The judges gave her high... Read more
12 Rules for Crossing Cultures
ReadOasis Step 3 Mo climbed up the rocky mountain. Suddenly, a rock broke off under his foot. He grabbed onto a small tree and watched the rock bounce down and down. He took a deep breath and looked up. And he saw the mountain top covered in smoke, fire,... Read more
The Queen of Glamour Rock
ReadOasis Step 4 Freddy ran onto the stage pumping his fists. And the crowd of 72,000 fans roared. Bouncing over to the piano, he sat down. And for just a moment, everyone hushed. Then Freddy's fingers danced on the keys, playing well-known chords. Cheers erupted over the audience. As... Read more
The Happiness Class (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 In his last year of high school, Alan didn't sleep much. Instead, he studied. Sometimes he crammed for exams all night. Sometimes he drank 3 or 4 cans of energy drinks so that he could study more. And he felt the agony of overwork. He got... Read more
Playing Global Business on a Level Field
ReadOasis Step 3 A Review of The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century By Thomas L. Friedman. We are entering a new era where the world is one massive marketplace. Old powers had the advantage, but the playing field is leveling now. New powers are... Read more
How to Acquire Language (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 How do humans acquire languages? The answer is remarkably simple. All people everywhere acquire languages in the same way. “We acquire languages by understanding messages.” This is called the “comprehension hypothesis,” and it was made famous by the distinguished linguist Dr. Stephen Krashen. I give this... Read more
Freedom of Speech
ReadOasis Step 3 "I shall resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Vice President Ford will be sworn in as President at that hour in this office." These words were spoken by President Richard Nixon on August 8, 1974 on national television. They came after many months of scandal... Read more
The Gingerbread Man
ReadOasis Step 2 The baker washed his hands and dried them with a towel. Smiling, he looked down at his creation -- a big cookie. The cookie smelled of ginger spice and took the shape of a man. It was steaming hot, just out of the oven. As the... Read more
Bad Robot
ReadOasis Step 1 Dr. Kim pulled hard on the door."I can't open it! Come faster!" he said.Mike and Jane came with the keys."Open it!" said Dr. Kim. "He is coming." "Which key is it?" said Jane. "The red one," said Mike.Jane dropped the keys on the floor."Faster," said Dr.... Read more
Nature Boy — a Jazz Classic
ReadOasis Step 2 Eden felt the sunlight warm his face. He opened his eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air. He stood up, walked forward, and looked down the hill. He took another deep breath and enjoyed the sight -- green trees, grand homes, and the city... Read more
Zombies in English Class
ReadOasis Step 1 John sat down. He opened his English book. But he felt sleepy. He closed his eyes. And then he heard a loud BANG! He looked up. He saw a dirty, green zombie. The zombie walked over to John. The zombie came closer and closer. It opened... Read more
The Greatest Band of All Time
ReadOasis Step 3 February 9, 1964. "Hurry up!" shouted Mary as she turned on the TV. "It started already!" Just in time, Mary watched Ed Sullivan say, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles!" The audience roared as the Beatles launched into their song "All My Loving." It was their first... Read more
A Big Idea: Critique of Pure Reason
ReadOasis Step 3 By Will Durant (Re-presented in Basic and Essential English) Kant?s Critique is not a criticism, but a critical analysis. Kant is not attacking "Pure Reason." He hopes to show its potential. He wants to praise it above knowledge that is not pure and that comes through... Read more
Karl Marx and the Communist World
ReadOasis Step 4 Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a German philosopher, economist, and historian. He wrote mainly about economics and politics, and he is credited as the founder of communism. For Marx, the history of society has been the history of class struggles. Marx attacked capitalism, the economic system where... Read more
Seven Elements of Story Grammar (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3(Part 1) Harry glanced at his best friends Ron and Hermione. He was not smiling. He was isolated at his uncle's house for the summer. And Harry's uncle, aunt, and cousin were dreadful. Ron and Hermione stayed with their group of friends, a group that Harry didn't... Read more