Zombies in English Class

ReadOasis Step 1 John sat down. He opened his English book. But he felt sleepy. He closed his eyes. And [...]

The Trouble with Ken’s Horse

ReadOasis Step 2 Ken walked on the green grass behind his house. He looked up and saw Bella, his beautiful [...]

The Book of Knowledge

ReadOasis Step 2 Tim opened the door and left his house. The sky was red, almost dark. But, Tim wanted [...]

The Gingerbread Man

ReadOasis Step 2 The baker washed his hands and dried them with a towel. Smiling, he looked down at his [...]

Bad Robot

ReadOasis Step 1 Dr. Kim pulled hard on the door. "I can't open it! Come faster!" he said. Mike and [...]

The Sons of the Caliph

ReadOasis Step 2 There was a Caliph of Persia whose name was Al Mamoun. He had two sons. He wanted [...]

The Crow

By Andrew Lang ReadOasis Step 3 (Part 1) Once upon a time there were three Princesses. They were all young [...]

The Bird and the Golden Eggs

ReadOasis Step 2 A man and his wife had the good fortune to find a special bird. This bird laid [...]

Pigs is Pigs

By Ellis Parker Butler ReadOasis Step 4 (Part 1) Mike Flannery, the agent of the Interurban Express Company, leaned over [...]

Adventures of Tom Thumb

An English Fairy TaleReadOasis Step 3(Part 1) A long time ago, a woodcutter lived with his wife in a small [...]