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Life Story Time Machine
ReadOasis Step 2 Koko wakes up and rolls over. He looks at the clock by his bed. It says 8:17 AM. Koko jumps up and says, "I'm late!" He rushes to work. At his office building, he sees a long line at the elevator. "Oh no," he says. "I'll... Read more
Reverse Engineer Your Life Story
ReadOasis Step 2 Jack and Rose grabbed each other's hands as they dropped into the ice, cold sea. The giant ship sank below them and pulled them deeper and deeper into the dark water.  The Titanic pulled Jack down and ripped his hands away from Rose. And Rose floated... Read more
Start Your Story at the End
ReadOasis Step 2 Yoshi sat down at the round dinner table. He looked up at five faces that he had never seen before. Everyone smiled at Yoshi, but he felt shy and nervous. It was his first time to visit the United States and his first time to stay... Read more
Do What You Can’t Do
ReadOasis Step 2 Casey Neistat tells stories. He wanted to move to New York City because it's a great place for storytellers. But his father said, "You can't! You don't have any money." Casey said, "I want to make movies." But people told him, "You can't! You didn't go... Read more
Be the Hero of Your Story
ReadOasis Step 2 Sweat dripped down Terry's face. He could hear his heart beating in his chest. The teacher said, "Begin!" And 300 students started writing. Terry heard their pencils tapping paper as they started writing in their test books.  Terry felt the fire of fear in this entrance... Read more
Jimmy Hates School
ReadOasis Step 2 Emma Williams wiped butter on hot brown toast. As the butter melted, she put two fried pieces of bacon on the plate next to two juicy, fried eggs. Then she called out in a loud voice: "Jimmy! Wake up! It's time for breakfast!"  But Jimmy made... Read more
The Guitar Hero
ReadOasis Step 2 Humans have played instruments like guitars for 5,000 years. The English word "guitar" originally may come from the Indian word, "sitar." Today guitars play a main part in jazz, blues, country, rock, and pop music. They are also used for solo classical music. In popular culture,... Read more
On the Road Again (Step 2)
ReadOasis Step 2Willie Nelson's Guitar "Trigger"Little Willie was born into hard times. On October 29, 1929, the American economy crashed. It was called Black Tuesday. Many people lost all their money. By Willie?s day of birth in 1933, around 25% of Americans had lost their jobs. People were hopeless,... Read more
The Old Woman and the Doctor
ReadOasis Step 2 An old woman was nearly blind from a disease of her eyes. She consulted a doctor and made an agreement with him. She would pay him a high fee if he cured her. But if she did not get better, he would receive nothing. The doctor... Read more
A Story of Robin Hood
ReadOasis Step 3(Part 1) In the rough and hard days of King Richard and King John, there were many great woods in the land of England. The most famous of these was Sherwood Forest. It is the place where the king often went to hunt deer and other animals.... Read more
The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci
ReadOasis Step 2 Leonardo da Vinci began working on the Mona Lisa in 1503. But he didn't finish it for many years. In 1516, he took the painting from Italy to France. And he probably finished it there in 1519 before he died. Then the King of France bought... Read more
The 300
ReadOasis Step 3 All the cities of Greece were in grave danger. A vast army, led by the great King of Persia, was coming from the east. It was moving along the sea, and in a few days, this army would be ready to attack. The King of Persia... Read more
The Hawks and Their Friends
More Jataka Tales by Ellen C. BabbittReadOasis Step 4(Part 1) Creative Commons Photo by Hello I'm Chuck A family of Hawks lived on an island in a lake not far from the great forest. On the northern shore of this lake lived a Lion, King of Beasts. On the... Read more
Sincerely, Ben Franklin
ReadOasis Step 1Cana Short Hello there. My name is Benjamin Franklin, and I'm 17 years old. I work at a printing shop here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But I have only been here for a few weeks. Before coming to Philadelphia, I lived in Boston, Massachusetts. That's where I was... Read more
Paul Bunyan
A FolktaleReadOasis Step 3(Part 1) Creative Commons Photo by archer10 (Dennis) Many years ago, Paul Bunyan was born. He lived in the American state of Maine. His mother and father were shocked when they first saw the boy. Paul was very large when he was born. It took five... Read more
Get Power with Body Language (Step 1)
ReadOasis Step 1 "Power posing actually causes people to become more powerful." -- Amy Cuddy Amy Cuddy: Wonder Woman Pose (by Thatcher Cook) It was 4:00 A.M, and the sky was black as night. A single car was moving down a long and narrow road. Three young college girls... Read more
Understanding X & Y
ReadOasis Step 2 Lori stopped her car at the red light. She looked down and saw that she needed gasoline. When the light turned green, she drove to the nearest gas station. She pulled up to the pump. She got out of the car, and she started pumping gas.... Read more
Momotaro ? The Peach Boy (Step 2)
A Story from JapanReadOasis Step 2 Long ago in Japan, there lived a poor old man and woman. The old man often went to the mountains to cut grass. The old woman often went to the river to wash clothes. One day, while she was washing, a big pink... Read more
The Story of Cincinnatus
ReadOasis Step 2(Part 1) A long time ago, there was a man named Cincinnatus. He lived on a little farm not far from the city of Rome. For a time in his life, he was rich. He held the highest office in the land. And he was a skillful... Read more
Why Philosophy? (Step 1)
By Phillip WiseReadOasis Step 1 Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world, the universe, and people. Philosophy is abstract. It?s about ideas and thoughts, such as love, beauty, or truth. But philosophy also deals with the real world. Ethics is a part of philosophy, dealing with good and... Read more