Usain Bolt Can Fly

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How to Do Big, Easy Reading!

ReadOasis Step 1 English learners make language mistakes. And that's fine, we can learn from mistakes. But learners also make [...]

The Rich Lawyer

ReadOasis Step 1 The United Way is a group that helps people. The United Way might call you. And they [...]

The Sons of the Caliph

ReadOasis Step 2 There was a Caliph of Persia whose name was Al Mamoun. He had two sons. He wanted [...]

The Cake

By Laura RichardsReadOasis Step 1 A child argued with his brother one day about a cake. ?It is my cake!? [...]

The Boy and the Robbers

ReadOasis Step 2 A long time ago, there was a man called Cyrus the Great. He was king of Persia. [...]

Little Ben’s Whistle

ReadOasis Step 2 A long time ago, a little boy lived in Boston. His name was Ben Franklin. On his [...]

The First Great American Painter

ReadOasis Step 2 A long time ago there was a boy who lived in Pennsylvania. His name was Benjamin West. [...]

The Shepherd Painter Boy

ReadOasis Step 2 Francis Preaching To The Birds by Giotto (Image, Wikimedia) One day a man was walking through the [...]

The Boy Who Rode Sidesaddle

ReadOasis Step 2 When Daniel Webster was a child he lived in the country. His home was far from any [...]