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Jumping Over Death, Evel Knievel
ReadOasis Step 1 The people felt real fear. They watched Robert. He sat on his bike. The sound was loud. "POP! CRACK! VROOM!" The bike started to move. Faster and faster, he rode. The bike hit the ramp. Robert jumped high. He flew through a wall of water! Down... Read more
Skating Legend Mao Asada
ReadOasis Step 1 Mao smiles big. She jumps high. She spins fast three times. She lands on one foot. "Wow!" The crowd cheers! It was the 2010 Olympics. Mao Asada made history. She did an amazing jump. It's called the "triple axel." And she stands as the first woman... Read more
The Death of Bach and His Music
ReadOasis Step 2 Johann looked at the piece of music. But he just saw clouds of dark marks on a page. He couldn't see the notes. He needed help. So, he asked a famous doctor to fix his eyes. The doctor's name was John Taylor. But Johann did not... Read more
Larisa Won 18 Medals!
ReadOasis Step 1 Larisa dances in the air. She flies like a bird. She lands light on her feet. The crowd cheers! It was the 1956 Olympics. Larisa Latynina amazed the crowds. She won four gold medals. And she made the world smile. Larisa was born in Ukraine. At... Read more
Grete Waitz Ran Fast (Greh-teh Vites)
ReadOasis Step 1 "On your mark. Get set!" BANG! Grete starts. She runs fast. She pushes herself. 10, 20, 30, 42 kilometers! She crosses the finish line. First place! That was the 1978 New York City Marathon. Grete Waitz, from Norway, won that day. It was her first marathon... Read more
The 1st Perfect 10 ? Nadia Comaneci
ReadOasis Step 1 Nadia springs off the lower bar. She spins up to the higher bar. And she stands on both hands -- high on top. Then she drops down and flies over the lower bar. SWOOSH! and POP! Perfect landing! The crowd goes "Ahhh!"  Then they waited. The... Read more
I Am the Greatest
ReadOasis Step 1 1960, the Rome Olympic Games. A crowd cheers a fight. The bell rings. The fighters stop. The judge lifts the hand of a young black man. He is the winner of Olympic gold.  Today we call him Muhammad Ali. He danced. He punched like a flash.... Read more
The 1964 Olympics
ReadOasis Step 1 83,000 people hear the sound of his voice. He is Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan. His words fill the air. "I announce the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games."  The people cheer. Balloons fly. All eyes look down on the track. One runner enters the stadium.... Read more
WBC 2023 — A Perfect Baseball Story
ReadOasis Step 1 He stands tall. Other players circle around him. He speaks. "You'll see many famous players. But today only, don't look up to them. Go above them. Think only about winning. Let's GO!" The speaker is Shohei Ohtani. It's the 2023 World Baseball Classic. The final game.... Read more
Jesse On the Line
ReadOasis Step 1 Jesse stood on the line. He took a deep breath. And he started to run. He ran faster and faster. And then he jumped long and high. After the jump, Jesse looked at the judge. The judge said, "8.06 meters*. First place!" It was the 1936... Read more
Showtime for Shohei
ReadOasis Step 1 CRACK! Shohei's bat hits the ball. The ball flies higher and higher. The crowd goes crazy. The ball flies far over the fence. Home run! The noise of the crowd is loud.  Shohei Ohtani plays baseball. He comes from Japan. But he plays in America. Shohei... Read more
Number 42 Forever
ReadOasis Step 1 Jackie picked up the note. The paper smelled like hate. Then he read the words. "WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU." "Why?" Jackie thought. "I just want to play baseball."  Long ago, baseball wasn't fair. No black players played in the Major Leagues. Then came Jackie... Read more
The All-Time Hit King
ReadOasis Step 1 The stars shine down on Safeco Field. The night air moves with energy. 50,000 fans stand on their feet. Ichiro steps up and raises his bat. The pitcher throws the ball. "CRACK!" 50,000 voices reach the sky, "RAAAAAH!" Ichiro runs to first. "SAFE!" On TV, the... Read more
Super Speed Ueno
ReadOasis Step 1 "OUT!" shouts the judge. The Americans are shocked. They can't believe their crying eyes. America won gold in 1996, 2000, and 2004. But not now. The ball shoots too fast. 126 kilometers per hour too fast! Who threw the ball too fast? Yukiko Ueno did. She... Read more
Kristi on the Ice
ReadOasis Step 1 The people waited for the moment. Kristi smiled. She raised her hands in the air. Then she stepped onto the ice. Her face looked like the sun. She skated with style. She jumped and turned. She moved and danced with grace. The judges gave her high... Read more
Number 42 (Step 1)
ReadOasis Step 1 (Part 1) A man stepped onto the baseball field. He walked across the green field. His black hands held onto a white baseball bat. He set his blue hat to keep the sun from his eyes. And as he stepped up to home base, he looked... Read more
Little Brothers of the Air (Step 1)
ReadOasis Step 1 Many years ago, there was a man named Francis. He lived in a small town in Italy. Francis was kind and loving. He loved animals, especially birds. He called the birds his little brothers of the air. He wanted to protect them and take care of... Read more
A Giant of Business (Step 3)
ReadOasis Step 3 Black liquid exploded out of the ground and towards the sky. It was oil?black gold?and it had the power to light up homes. It had the power to run the engine of the American economy. It had the power to make a man very rich. John... Read more
Death of a King: Medgar Evers
ReadOasis Step 2 Every day Medgar Evers worked hard. He was doing his best to bring equal rights for African Americans. Evers lived in Mississippi in the 1960s. It was a place where African Americans did not have equality. They did not have the right to vote. Gasoline stations... Read more
How a Prince Learned to Read
ReadOasis Step 1(Part 1) A thousand years ago, boys and girls did not learn to read. Books were very hard to find, and only a few men could read them. Each book was written with a pen or a brush. The pictures were painted by hand, and some of... Read more