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You can read faster!

Marta reads slowly — under 80 words per minute. Because of this, she gets information slowly. And she doesn’t really enjoy reading as much as other English learners. But here is the good news.

English learners like Marta can improve their reading speed up to 200 words or more per minute. How can English learners improve their reading speed? They can do Speed Reading Courses like the ones at ReadOasis. Here are some speed reading tips for doing a speed reading course at

  1. Start with Speed Read Step 1. Read the first story in the course. Click the “Start Timer” when you start to read. Click “I read this story. Honestly!” when finished.
  2. On the Step 1 PDF, write your word count and reading speed from the “Smart Feedback” pop up.
  3. Next, take the quiz. Write your quiz score on the Step 1 PDF. Repeat Steps 1-3 for every story in the Step 1 course.

For practicing reading speed, readers need to know about 100% of the words in a story. You can’t improve speed with words you don’t know. When you take the quiz, don’t look back at the story. You want to make sure that you understood, so try to get a good score (80-100%) on the quiz!

When you finish Speed Read Step 1, then do steps 1-3 Velocidad Read Step 2!

Guest users can do the Asia and Pacific Speed Readings for free. Here’s how:

  1. Start with Story 1: Life in the Pacific Islands.