The Strange Story of Rip Van Winkle

By Washington IrvingRetold at ReadOasis Step 2 Once upon a time, there lived a man named Rip Van Winkle. He [...]

The Wolf and the Fox

By William Byron Forbush (Public Domain)Retold by ReadOasis.comReadOasis Step 3 A wolf walked through the forest looking for food. He [...]

The Three Little Pigs

By William Byron Forbush (Public Domain)ReadOasis Step 3 A long time ago pigs could talk. No one had ever heard [...]

The Little Shepherd Boy

By William Byron Forbush (Public Domain)ReadOasis Step 3 Once upon a time there was a little shepherd boy. He attained [...]

An Instinct for Language

ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 1) The Kingfisher is a beautiful bird. Like many kinds of birds, the Kingfisher takes a [...]

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

ReadOasis Step 2 He came out of nowhere. In 1961, he just appeared in New York City, wanting to do [...]

Just Kidding?

ReadOasis Step 2 A young engineer just finished his studies. And he was looking for work. He got an interview [...]

The Flower Picciola

By X.B. SaintineReadOasis Step 2(Part 1) Many years ago, a poor man was shut up in one of the great [...]

Jimmy Hates School

ReadOasis Step 2 Emma Williams wiped butter on hot brown toast. As the butter melted, she put two fried pieces [...]

The Little Match Girl

By Hans Christian AndersenReadOasis Step 2(Part 1) It felt like the coldest night of the year. The snow was falling [...]