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ReadOasis: So here we are with Dr. Paul Nation, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wellington, Victoria (New Zealand).  And of course one of the most well-known linguists in the world. It’s an honor to have him. Just one quick question for our learners: How can extensive graded reading help... Read more
Is Reading Really That Good?
ReadOasis Step 3 The candidate walked into the cold, concrete classroom, which had been converted into an interview chamber. He seemed hesitant and nervous. He looked up and saw the silhouettes of two professors sitting at small desks on the opposite side of the room. Behind the professors, the... Read more
Scholar Recounts Benefits of Reading for Language Learning
Anyone can extol the benefits of reading, and many of us can do this with a sense of remorse because we feel that we do not read as much as we should. However, most people, including language teachers, do not fully realize the following fact. Second language learners who... Read more
Extensive Reading is Essential
By Joseph Poulshock, PhD While completing an MA in TESOL, I learned many helpful insights from my textbooks and teachers about teaching reading to English learners. Sadly, however, I was not fully ready for that first day of class with my reading students. I remember it clearly. With a... Read more
Reading for Speaking
Many learners (and teachers) object to extensive reading (ER) for this reason. They want to focus on speaking skills. Others may doubt the effectiveness of ER to help learners improve all language skills, though research strongly supports this claim. Even the most earnest proponents of extensive reading know that... Read more
Grading the Arts and Sciences
Many approaches to language teaching focus on language as content. These approaches can be called language-driven. On the other hand, content-driven approaches focus more directly on the meanings conveyed by language, and language becomes a means to understand stories and ideas. This is called content-based instruction. Extensive reading is... Read more