The Motown Sound (Step 3)

ReadOasis Step 3 The Motown Museum (Wikipedia) Soul music combines rhythm and blues and gospel. Like the blues, soul arose [...]

Drifting Cowboy: Hank Williams (Step 3)

By Maria SonoraReadOasis Step 3(Part 1) By MGM Records via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain) Hank would never make it to [...]

Awarding Excellence: The Pulitzer Prize

ReadOasis Step 3 The Color Purple The Pulitzer Prize The Color Purple is a book about a black woman named [...]

Paul Desmond and Take Five

ReadOasis Step 3By Maria Sonora ?I would also like to thank my father, who discouraged me from playing the violin.? [...]

Stairway to Heaven

By Douglas ForsterReadOasis Step 3(Part 1) ?And we?re back. I?m Jim Ladd, and you?re listening to KMET. We?re the south?s [...]

Michael Jackson: King of Pop

ReadOasis Step 3 In March 1983, Motown Records celebrated its 25th anniversary with a major television event. Many Motown artists [...]

Johnny Cash: The Man in Black (Step 3)

ReadOasis Step 3 Johnny Cash was a man of great presence, as if born from an ancient legend that reveals [...]

The Adventures of a Folk Singer

ReadOasis Step 3 "I think a poet is anybody who wouldn't call himself a poet." - Bob Dylan It was [...]

Woodstock: A Symbol of the 1960s (Step 3)

ReadOasis Step 3 The Woodstock Experience The middle of August marks an extraordinary moment in popular music history. In 1969, [...]

The First Lady of Song

ReadOasis Step 3 After her mother died, Ella had a lot of trouble. Her grades dropped at school. She couldn't [...]