English learners often make mistakes in how they study, but...

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Big reading works as a best way to learn English. Our mission: help English learners succeed as they read to get pleasure, get smarter, and grow more happiness.

Grow your English super powers. Get more pleasure. Get smarter. Get happier by reading easy and big!

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Read big and easy for pleasure

To learn English, read big for pleasure. Read easy -- at the right level -- with stories and topics you like. Get playful pleasure by reading stories!

Read big and get smarter

Read and get smarter. Grow your language, emotional, and general intelligence by reading big.

Read big and get happier

As you learn your English, get the keys to the good life. Grow happiness, health, wisdom, and success by reading big, and get happier. 

English learners feel three points of pain. 

What are they? We asked learners. They said...

First, about 75% of English learners say, "I don't have confidence to speak English." And "I don't have confidence to listen to fast English." Even more, they say, "It feels hard to get more confidence because I don't know how to get it."

Second, about 70% of learners say, "I'm not sure if my teachers are good." Of course, we know many great teachers! But learners don't feel confident about THE WAY they study. They say, "I don't fee sure about the way I study. Maybe it's not the best way." 

Third, about 65% of feel their study materials are boring. They say, "This stuff is boring! And almost 60% say, "I feel that my study materials are too difficult."

So, what is the solution? Story Power! When you read big with stories, you can grow total confidence with English. Why? Because big reading improves all language skills. Big reading grows word power, grammar, writing -- even listening and speaking skill.

And experts say big reading is a proven way to learn English. We call it a "best practice." Big reading works! When you read big, you get confidence!

So, with big reading you can feel confident and say, "I'm learning English in the right way!" With big reading, you read and listen to stories. Stories are interesting. And at ReadOasis.com, we have stories in 10 levels -- just right for you.

Smart Learners

Read Easy and Big

at ReadOasis.

At ReadOasis, you can enjoy English with story power. As you read and listen at your level, you grow word power, total English skills, and confidence. After you read 300,000 words, you can see results on big tests like the TOEFL. And reading 2 Million words can equal 1 year of living in an English speaking country.

Start every day with big, easy reading!

What BENEFITS Do You Get When You Join?

Get access to over 2,000 stories in 10 levels. Enjoy stories in Arts, Science, Technology, Fiction, and many other topics. Speed up your reading with our speed reading courses. Learn to listen to fast English with audio for all stories. Learn the most important words with vocabulary quizzes. In 6 months, read 300,000 words to get more confidence. Go for reading 2 Million words. 2 Million words = year of living in an English speaking country.

Get Confidence

Big readers get confidence. How? To get confidence, you need big English data. Big readers get big data!

Improve HOW you Learn

Want to improve the WAY you learn English? Big reading works as the best way to improve HOW you learn.

Enjoy at Your Level

Stop studying boring and hard materials and books. Enjoy stories at just the right level for you.

Learn the Natural Way

You learn English a natural way by communication. And stories are the most powerful kind of communication.

What Do Learners and Experts Say?

What Do You Do at ReadOasis?


Step 1: Read Big

At ReadOasis, we have 10 levels of stories. So for your first step, start easy! Read at your level -- where you know 98% of the words in a story. As you read, track your word counts and close your reading rings in our gaming system. When you know 100% of the words for stories at your level, move up to the next level.


Step 2: Grow Reading Speed

Big reading improves reading speed. But you can also take a speed reading course at ReadOasis. Read the guide "How to Read Faster." Start a speed reading course. Read each story in the course. ReadOasis tracks your speed. After you finish a story, take a quiz. Keep track of your reading speed and quizzes on the chart. Try to reach 200 words per minute by the end of the course.


Step 3: Listen Big

Every story at ReadOasis plays audio. Listen to stories at your level. For listening, you should know about 100% of the words in a story. Track your word counts. As you listen and read, you will get a feel for the voices of English. The more you listen and understand, the more you will get a natural feel for understanding fast spoken English.


Step 4: Grow Word Power

Big reading works to grow your word power. But you can also study THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS at ReadOasis. Go to the Words menu, and read "How to Learn the Top Words." If you need to prepare for a big test, then READ BIG, but you can also study the Academic Word List (AWL) and grow your word power by 10%.


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ReadOasis Editor, 

Joseph Poulshock, PhD

Joseph Poulshock works as a Professor of English Linguistics at Senshu University in the Department of Intercultural Communication. He does teacher education at Meiji Gakuin University. Joseph likes to read books, walk his dog, and play ukulele.

High Value, High Quality, High Expertise

In 2008, Professor Joseph Poulshock and Designer Sang Valte started BeeOasis.com. Now ReadOasis represents 1000's of hours of dedicated work. Stories are highly crafted and revised many times before publication.

Developers work hard to refine and polish the design and the learning functions of ReadOasis. Support staff stands ready to answer your questions and solve any problems. Just write support (with the at mark) at ReadOasis.com. Teachers trust ReadOasis to provide enjoyable content based on the best research available in educational linguistics.

It costs up to $10,000 per year to develop and maintain ReadOasis. We work long and hard hours to make the best big reading experience for our readers. And yet, ReadOasis comes at a low price -- $4.99 per month. 

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  • Over 2,000 stories
  • All stories with audio
  • Stories in 10 levels
  • Track word counts
  • Track reading speed
  • Reading speed course
  • Quizzes for top words
  • Reading Rings Game
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  • Bonus PDF's
  • 12 Bonus Books
2 years
  • Over 2,000 stories
  • All stories with audio
  • Stories in 10 levels
  • Track word counts
  • Track reading speed
  • Reading speed course
  • Quizzes for top words
  • Reading Rings Game

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