Many English learners make mistakes in how they study, but...

For BIG success with English,
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At ReadOasis, we believe...

big reading works as a best way to learn English! Big readers read for pleasure, get smarter, and grow more happiness.

Read big and easy for pleasure

To learn English, read big for pleasure. Read easy -- at the right level -- with stories and topics you like.

Read big and get smarter and smarter

Read at your level and get smarter. Grow your language, emotional, and general intelligence by reading big.

Read big and get more happiness

As you learn your English, get the keys to the good life. Grow happiness, health, wisdom, and success by reading big.

Read Big and Easy to Get Pleasure

For many English learners, reading is not fun. It feels like test preparation. They have to read hard and dry texts. They must answer long lists of questions. Reading tastes like bad medicine. It feels like hitting your head against a wall. Most English learners don't know the power of reading -- for getting smarter and growing happiness. They don't know pleasure reading -- as a kind of play.

How can English learners feel the power and pleasure of reading? You need to read easy -- at the right level. What is "easy" reading? You need to know 98% of the words on every page. Then you can read for pleasure with understanding. At ReadOasis, we use a scientific level system. It's called the international CEFR standard. We have 10 levels of stories — the right level for every learner.

As you read at your level, you choose what you read. You read what you like. You choose stories that you enjoy. You choose topics for pleasure and interest. You read to enjoy stories. You read to learn helpful and valuable facts and ideas. This reading is not testing. This reading brings enjoyment. This reading is like entertainment. For your brain, this reading is play.

Vicktor Nell

The Psychology of Reading for Pleasure

Pleasure reading is a form of play. It is free activity standing outside ordinary life; it absorbs the player completely.

Cunninghan and Stanovich

What Reading Does for the Mind

Those who read a lot will enhance their verbal intelligence; that is, reading will make them smarter.

Read Big and Get Smarter

What do you get when you read big for pleasure? For fiction, you read stories for play. Playful reading of stories gives you pleasure. But reading stories also grows your emotional sense. You grow your understanding and feeling for characters. You experience their trouble and success. You love and care about characters in stories. You meet and understand people in stories.

With non-fiction, you learn helpful facts, information, and ideas. And as you learn by reading big, you grow your language power. We call this "verbal intelligence." You grow word power. You grow grammar power. If you want, you can study boring tests. But you can read for pleasure and get higher scores on big tests. Why? Big reading grows your language power. For example, what happens if you read 2 million words? *Your English power grows -- about the same as living in an English-speaking country for one year.

Big reading also grows your general intelligence. This is knowledge about the world. This is knowledge for daily living. Big reading works like brain exercise. Big reading grows your brain muscles for the game of life. Big reading makes your brain stronger and helps you live smarter.

Read Big and Get More Happiness

When you read big for pleasure and learning, you enjoy it. This pleasure covers you with a feeling of happiness. What is more, by reading big, you can grow your happiness. Read about the science of happiness. Read about positive thinking and "the good life."

You can also grow your happiness by reading about health, success, and wisdom. Big readers learn how to live healthy. You can read about healthy foods and healthy living. Big readers know about ways to make money. Big readers learn to walk roads of success. You grow wiser as you meet great thinkers in stories.

The famous writer Mortimer J. Adler said, "Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life." It's true. Smart English learners read big. They read big to get pleasure. They enjoy the play of stories and the power of big ideas. They read big to get smarter. They read big to grow emotional, general, and language intelligence. And they read big to get more happiness. They enjoy the power of stories -- for getting more happiness, health, wealth, wisdom, and success. And for learning English!

Mortimer J. Adler

How to Read a Book

Reading the great books... is a means toward living a decent human life.