Teachers, schools, and companies use ReadOasis.com
to help learners read big
and get confidence with English. 

 When you sign up your group, class, or school, learners can:

  • Enjoy thousands of easy and well-written stories.
  • Grow their confidence and feel for English.
  • Enjoy stories at just the right level.
  • Read about their favorite topics and people.
  • Track word counts for ReadOasis stories and the books they read.
  • Check, track, and improve their reading speed.
  • Learn the most important words.

Larry Ferlazzo endorses ReadOasis.com

*We define easy for extensive reading at 95-98% vocabulary coverage, where students know 95-98% of the words in a story. For intensive reading, we suggest an outer limit of 90% coverage.

When you sign up your group, class, or school, trainers and teachers can:

  • Get a free teacher’s account, with class management tools.
  • Set word count goals for groups, classes, and individual students.
  • Monitor student and groups for word counts, login times, and quizzes.
  • Monitor reading speed results for individuals and groups.
  • Export all group and individual reading data to spreadsheets (Excel), including word counts, reading speed, and stories and books read.
  • Get access to beautifully formatted PDF’s of stories for use in class.

ReadOasis is Great!

In this way, ReadOasis.com works as a hybrid textbook for schools and groups, giving teachers and students valuable content for use in class, and giving students anytime access to great stories so they can read big, improve all their language skills, and get confidence with English.

How can you know if ReadOasis is good for your group?

Try it for free!

Contact us today, (support “use the at mark” readoasis.com), and we will send you:

  1. A free PDF that covers the benefits of extensive reading.
  2. Free trial “access seats” for a class of up to 50 students for one school term.
  3. A free teacher’s account.