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Improve Your English in 90 Days!

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Have you felt this way before? You want to learn English but... 

  • You feel too busy
  • You feel English is hard
  • You feel English is boring
  • Your textbooks don't help
  • You need a good teacher
  • You can't go abroad
  • You need more confidence with English 

If you feel any of these problems - keep reading! We have a solution for you.

Imagine your opportunities knowing the world's *common* language 

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ReadOasis helps you learn English the easy, enjoyable, and effective way. How? 

 Big Easy Reading!

With Big Easy Reading, you learn English by enjoying stories at YOUR level. You enjoy topics and characters that you care about. So, you don't feel bored as you improve your English! It sounds easy because it is!

What People Say

student in Japan

Keio university

My TOEIC score went from 660 to 830 after I started reading a lot. I'm delighted to meet big, easy reading! Thank you!

student in Japan

Tokyo christian university

I came to really understand English thanks to ReadOasis. All stories are interesting. My aim is to read one million words!

Paul nation

world famous linguist

ReadOasis is a very useful website.

Larry Ferlazzo

award winning teacher

One of the best sites students can use independently. 

Dr. charles browne

expert teacher educator

A great site with excellent content. 

Rob waring

renowned editor and linguist

ReadOasis is a fun site for all levels. 

300,000 club reader

member who read over 300,000 words

It was not difficult to study! I was very happy when I understood the contents of the story! Thank you for ReadOasis.com. My English skill improved.

300,000 club reader


I read a lot of stories and got skills of reading English. Reading new stories made me realize new things. ReadOasis helps me to learn English in a fun way!

A. Furuhata

University student, JAPAN

My reading speed and word skills are improving. ReadOasis is awesome! 



I enjoy studying with ReadOasis!

Try it for yourself

  • Read and learn English with a mission!
  • YOU GET ENJOYMENT: You read easy and big for fun - with stories and topics you like - in 10 levels.
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The 90 Day Challenge is right for you if

  • You are ready to grow your English super powers
  • You want to grow your confidence with English
  • You want to travel to English speaking places
  • You want to improve how you learn English
  • You are ready to read easy -- for 30 minutes a day

What do you get when you sign up for ReadOasis? 

  • Enjoy over 2000 stories
  • Listen to all stories as you read
  • Work at your level (with 10 reading levels)
  • Track your progress, word counts and speed
  • Close your reading rings (reading game)
  • Use our "smart level check" to know your level
  • Quiz yourself on the top English words
  • Enjoy stories and big ideas for improving life

Meet the mind behind ReadOasis

For years as a professor, Joseph helped hundreds of students learn English. But when he learned about the power of big, easy reading, everything changed. He started ReadOasis to help students improve HOW they learn English. All his students started reading BIG for pleasure, to get smarter, and to learn about happiness and the good life. The results have been great!


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