Really want

to learn English?
Discover the better way

with the power of stories

Really want to learn English?

Discover the better way

with the power of stories

English learners who don't read big,

Have these kinds of problems...

  • Not getting enough English input.
  • Doing too much test prep and hard study.
  • Wasting time with boring exercises.
  • Losing interest and power. 
  • Having no clear plan that works. 

You Can Learn English a Better Way. 

With big, easy reading, you can...

  • Get enough English in your brain.
  • Enjoy life-changing stories at your level. 
  • Improve your English fast with pleasure.
  • Get better results than test prep.
  • Follow a way that really works. 

We Know How You Feel. 

And we can help. 

We have studied foreign languages and we know how hard it can be.

We know that too much test prep and language study is hard and boring.

Experts, Learners, and Teachers Like ReadOasis.

1000's of our members have read MILLIONS  of words. 

Paul Nation


ReadOasis is a very useful website.

Rob Waring

Editor and extensive reading expert

ReadOasis is a fun site for all levels. 

University Student, Japan

Tokyo Christian University

I came to really understand English thanks to ReadOasis. All stories are interesting. My aim is to read one million words!

University Student, Japan

Keio University

My TOEIC score went from 660 to 830 after I started reading a lot. I'm delighted to meet big, easy reading! Thank you!

Larry Ferlazzo


ReadOasis is among the best sites that students can use independently and let teachers check on progress.

Rebecca Babirye

English instructor, Tokyo Christian University

With ReadOasis, my students have discovered that learning English can be enjoyable and meaningful.

Get Started in Just 3 Easy Steps. 

Learn English with ease, pleasure, and confidence. 

Step 1 – Sign up. 

Start easy. Read stories where you know 98% of the words. Only read stories you like – for just 10 to 30 minutes a day.

Step 2 – Read at Your level. 

Track word counts. Read, listen, enjoy, and learn. Play the reading game and close your rings. Master a level, and level up!

Step 3 – Get Results. 

Read 300,000 words in 3-6 months. Get confidence. Get pleasure. Feel the power of big, easy reading. Repeat Steps 1-3!

Become a Powerful and Connected Communicator. 

English learners often overdo boring test prep and language study. And they still don't get enough English in their brains. At ReadOasis, learners enjoy easy stories at their level. And they grow English super-powers by reading BIG.

At ReadOasis, we understand English learners...

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They want to become powerful and connected communicators. To do so, they need to find the best ways to improve. But many English learners fight the monster test prep! And they often do boring language exercises. So, what happens? They lose interest and power. They tire of studying English.

We believe that learning English should not be hard and boring. We studied in hard and boring classes. We see many unhappy students who study this way. We made ReadOasis to solve these problems. And we have helped thousands of learners read millions of words. They enjoy fun, life-changing stories at their level. And they have become powerful and connected communicators of English.

How does ReadOasis work? 

  • STEP 1 — Join ReadOasis and start reading easy and big. 
  • STEP 2 — Enjoy many stories at your level. Finish a level and move up. 
  • STEP 3 — Set a goal to read 300,000 words in 3-6 months. Repeat steps 1-3!

So, join ReadOasis today. Don’t waste your energy with too much test prep. Don’t waste your time with too many language exercises. Start enjoying stories in English at your level. And feel the power of life-changing stories for learning English. You can become a powerful and connected communicator. How? Read BIG at